Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I played so much with Uncle Roman and ate to much turkey that I've had to rest the last couple days. Lotsa naps helped! Today I was back to my old meowy self. I had lots of fun for Thanksgiving, though :) Thank you everycat and everyone else for the Thanksgiving wishies. That was real nice of you!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Uncle Roman is here!

Happy Thanksgiving and lotsa yummy treats if I am too busy playing and napping and eating to get back to my blog til Friday!

I gotta go play with Uncle Roman!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Meet Fatty! At first we thought he's really fat, then we figured out he just has lots and lots of fluffy fur. But we still call him Fatty.

Fatty has started gettin snacks at dinner time for Gree and Pepi, our outside sister and brother. At first Mommy would chase Fatty away cuz she says we can't feed all the cats outside. Then Mommy realized that Fatty is an Elder Kitty! You can kinda see the grey whiskers he has on one side in this picture she took. She said Elder Kitties have survived a long time and get special respect, so Fatty can have snacks at our house if he wants to. Now Fatty even has his own bowl that Grandma gave him. Maybe we should call this the House of Cat Snacks? Or maybe the House of Cat Goodies cuz of the catnip too.

Monday, November 21, 2005

I found a new place to help other kitties and other fluffies! Well, it's not new really but it was new to me. I found a link to it on William's blog, but I bet other cats have it on their blogs too. It's Petfinder's Foundation Sponsor a Pet and it's cool. It's where you can donate to help out kitties and other fluffies by sponsoring them. I talked Mommy into giving some! That wasn't so hard tho cuz she likes to do that. She said she didn't have a lotta money to give, but she had a little and she'd give that cuz every little bit counts they say. Hmm. Maybe me and Boni and Mini should give some catnip to the kitties in the shelters near here for Christmas. That would be fun!

Sunday, November 20, 2005


It got all cold outside here. So I've been hiding in my toasty cat bed and under my sheepskin type blankie. I may have fur, but I don't like to be cold! Toasty is best. I'll snuggle up under here and wait for Uncle to come visit.

Friday, November 18, 2005

I'm all excited. Mommy's feeling better now. Her meow sounds really weird still, but she says she feels ok. Maybe the anti bio ticks can't fix a meow. I'm awful glad she feels better tho. :)

Plus, Grandma is doesn't have to go to work next week! She gets to stay home with me! I like it lots when Grandma stays with me instead of going to the work place. :) Grandma says she likes it too. She calls it a vacation. Maybe we can nap together in a patch of sun!

AND my Uncle is coming to visit! He's fun! Here's a picture of us playing with a box when I was a big kitten. How could he not be a good Uncle Cat when he likes boxes?!?!?!
Life is good. :)


PS. I almost forgot! If you wanna get a sample catnip pouch free, go to see our catnip page and send a nice email before Thanksgiving and me and Boni and Mini will send you one free. Um well, if you're in the US. Mom says the nasty laws won't let us mail nip outside the US. If you're somewhere else tho we'll try to figure some sort of present to send. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mommy's been feeling icky icky. She has a sinus thingy. Sounds nasty to me! But the bean vet gave Mommy some anti bio ticks that must be anti sinus thingies too and Mommy's starting to feel better now. :) So me and Boni and Mini have been busy lookin after Mommy. Grandma too. Mommy says she'll be able to help us type more in a day or two. I wish I had opposable thumbs. I'm awful glad Mommy's starting to feel better tho!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I got a lecture today from Mommy. See? She was telling me that I'm not sposed to mess with the tuxie bear-cat. I guess I'll have to leave it alone. It's awful fun to play with though. How come the fun things are off limits? No fair!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Pepi made it through halloweenie again. Mommy worries bout him cuz he's a black cat and she doesn't want him to get hurt by people being mean weird on halloweenie. But she is all happy today cuz he's ok. :) See?Mommy tried to catch him and bring him inside yesterday, but when he saw her comin he ranned away! He never does that! She said apparently he knows to be extra careful on halloweenie. So today Pepi is rollin around in the leaves having fun. :) I'm glad he's ok. He's our only brother, even if he is an outdoor brother. It would be real bad for him to not be ok.