Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lookie Now!

Phew. Blogger was wonky. Then Mommy was busy. Then I was napping. And we all took turns like that! I think I can show you my pressies from Beau now tho. Cross your paws for me please!

Hey! What's this?

It's a mousie!! A rattly mousie!!
Rattly mousies are my favorite!

No Mommy, I'm not gonna play no more til
you put the flashy thing away!

We gots stinky goodness too, but Mommy said she didn't wanna show us off bein barbarians at the dish.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


We got pressies from Beau today! I got a rattly mouse! I loves rattly mice lots and its all feathery and purrty. Thank you Beau! Mommy took pictures of me and Boni and Mini with our pressies but blogger's bein bad and won't let us upload them. Poo! Well, Boni and Mini will tell you bouts and show you their pressies when blogger's not bein bad.

Oh! I got my Secret Paws gift from Princess Mia too! Thank you!!! But I can't open it yet. *kitty scowl* Mommy says we have to wait til everybody gets their Secret Paw and Boni's hasn't come yet. It'll be fun when we can open them tho! I can't wait!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I'm sorry

I'm sorry I was snarky about the Moses stuff. That wasn't nice of me. Mommy said we should be extra nice when we disagree and not snarky at all. Mommy is sorry too. I guess I should stop my snarky lessons cuz I'm gettin too snarky.

I'm sorry (but a differnt way) that I couldn't get to the party at Finny and Buddy's Friday night. It's kinda embarassin but I wented to get nip from the nip drawer and I kinda fell in. And well, I didn't find my way back out til Saturday! Oops! I hear yalls had lotsa fun tho. I'm glad Finny had a good purrthday party!

Friday, March 17, 2006

All Hail to the Snake Master!

I mean... Happy St. Patrick's Day! I don't like things that look like snakes, so I think St. Patrick is cool. He made all the snakes in Ireland go away! But I'm not sure bout wearing green. I don't wear nothin but my tuxedo. But maybe I can find a green blanky to crawl under and wear. I'm sure not gonna wear no green derby. Derby isn't green! Derby is nice ginger color!

Mommy's Not Sad Anymore

... now she's ANGRY. She said to me today, "What right does anyone have to tell the people who take care of Moses what to do?"

I agree with Mommy. It's sad Moses had to move to a barn. But just cuz I don't like somethin or it makes me sad don't mean I can tell other folks not to do it. It's sposed to be a free country! And it's not even like they killed Moses or put him somewhere he'd starve, so it's not like they were even evil or cruel to Moses. Just sad he had to go.

And Mommy said, "Since when do strangers have more right than the parents to decide what's the best for their own child? Don't parents have any rights any more?"

Go Mommy! I don't want nobody tellin my Mommy how she has to take care of me. Well, unless she was tryin to kill me maybe. My Mommy does her best, and I bet Moses people did too. I mean gee, they let him blog and everything. If they were mean, evil people I bet they wouldn't have let him blog!

I don't think we got no right to tell other people what to do when we're not even there to see what's happenin. Go on ahead and hate me if you want. I'm gonna stand by my Mommy. As Max would say, "Bite me." We believe in a free America where people don't get messed with for making their own choices.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Famous too!

I'm famous now too! And not cuz of an apron I don't got. Max answered my questions in his new book! We gotted it today. Yay! Mommy's read some of it to us and I made her look up to see if Max answered my questions. And he did! Now I know the answers! And I'm famous cuz I'm in his famous book. Yay! Thank you Max!

Sunday, March 05, 2006


*sigh* Mommies like to give lektures. This time I got a lekture bout not bribin kitties. Mommy says that love ya pay for is never no good. She said that's like pawstitution or somefin and it's no good. She said that most anythin you get from bribin is never no good. Well dang. I guess I'll have to give back that toy I bribed from Mini. And I won't bother bribin nocat else. At least Mommy got so busy lekturin me bout bribin that she forgot to lekture me about exersizin. Maybe she'll forget that one for good. I prefer nappin.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Max's New Book!

Lookie! Max's new book can be ordered now!

We made Mom order ours today! We loved his first book. (Ok, Max, whaddo I get for pimpin the book? hehehe) He inspired us so much! I'm still working on my snarky lessons, although I think I have it down right good.

Bite Me!

*lotsa kitty giggles*