Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cat Blogosphere Changes

Wow. I hadn't even been bloggin for a year and there's already so many changes in the cat blogosphere. (Nevermind the bean blogosphere. They can take care of that.)

Buddah is already one year old! That's hard to believe. He was just a tiny little black furball when I met Max and him.

Max has written his second book!

My sister Boni is now Edsel's Tuxedo Gun Moll in the Tuxedo Gang. (How'd that happen? I should pay more attention, I guess. And I'm a member of the gang too now!

Speaking of cat gangs. There was just the Tuxedo Gang when I first started bloggin. Now there's lots! There's the Attack of the Tabbies gang and the Coats of Many Colors gang and the Gorgeous Gingers gant and the House Panthers gang too! We cats really are taking over the whole blogosphere. *nods*

See? Here's proof

We bloggin cats have all kindsa activities now too! There's Secret Paws, and that's lotsa fun cuz we all get purresents. We play tag lots, like the favorite cat words tag game that Derby started after reading Princess Mia's post about her favorite cat words. We even do good stuff to help out other cats and bunnies! (We like to be good netizens, you know.) We have purrthday parties, and altho they get outta hand a lil sometimes (like when Timmy was wearin the lampshade at Finny and Buddy's party for Finny's purrthday), but we have lotsa fun like at Patches & Mitten's Dance Party.

It's fun being a blogging cat.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I need some advice from my fellow poodins.

How do I keep my sister Mini from following me around? Effurywhere I go she follows me! She's worse than a shadow cuz she even does it in the dark!

I thought bout givin her to the ess pee see ay but Mommy said I couldn't.

What do I do?

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Favorite Bloggin Cat Words

I been tagged, so I guess I'm IT! Bombay tagged me bout Favorite Bloggin Cat Words. Hmmms. There's so many fun ones! I think these are my favorites tho.

Little Sticky People - Children in Max the PsychoKitty's world
Efurrybody - everybody! I think Patches and Mittens came up with this one.
Niphead - a Kitty Crack (ala Max) junky. I don't know where this one came from, but I am one, so I like it. Did I make it up? I don't think so.
Oh yeah, Kitty Crack is one too. It's the good stuff - catnip!
Making Biscuits - kneading with paws. Boni does that lots. I can't remember who started it tho. Sorry.

And I don't know who to tag now. So.......... whoever wants to play is tagged now!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Purresent

You 'member my brother Pepi who lives outside (mostly)? Well he brought Mommy a Easter purresent! I saw him through the window! Mommy hadta go to Easter dinner at Great-Grandad's and when she came back, Pepi came up to her carrying a gift! It was a real live dead birdie!!! He'd caught it himself! And he brought it to Mommy. :) But when Mommy went to get the birdie purrsent out of Pepi's mouth, it flew away! It wasn't really a real live dead birdie. It was still all alive! Mommy laughed and thanked Pepi anyways. Pepi didn't look too happy his purrsent flew away, but he liked the scritches behind the ears when Mommy thanked him. Mommy said later she wished she had the flashy box then. Pepi's a good hunter!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hoppy Easter!

In honor of Fiona and Orlando and all the bunnies...

Have a furry Hoppy Easter!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Don't Let Your Mommy Do Drugs

See? Mommy's takin those drug pills for her stripped throat and she's lookin kinda icky. She says it's the stripped throat. But I've seen those mercials on tv bout doin drugs. So I think it's the pills makin her look like that! I gotta find where she hides them and take them away. That's called an enter-vention they say. Boy she needs it. Gotta get her all pink lookin again!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Stripped Throat

I dunno how Mommy did it, she stripped her throat. At least, that's what the bean V-E-T told her today. So now we gotta sit on her and purr more to make her better. And Grandma keeps tellin Mommy that she's gotta rest lot and drink lotsa water and take her pills. Mommy should just act like a cat, then. Well, cept for the pills part. Pills are no fun. I'm glad *I* don't have to pry Mommy's mouth open and stick pills down her. Let Grandma do it. Or Boni. Or Mini. Or anybody but me. I'm not even gonna try. Nope. No way.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Finally! Secret Paws!

The bat-trees got fixed and the flashy thing finally worked! Yay!!! And lookie, Princess Mia is my Secret Paw and lookie what she sented me!

There it is!

Smells delightful! What is it???

Wow! It's a Tuxie toy!!! and TWO count 'em TWO mousies!

Ohhhhhhhh they're NIP toys! They smell sooooooo good!
And a nice note from Mia! (Mom read that to me please, I'm having
too much fun with this nice NIP!

Thank you Princess Mia!!! You're a GREAT Secret Paw!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Danged Bat-Trees

It's all the bat-trees fault we can't open our Secret Paws now! Boni got her Secret Paw pressie and since now we all got ours, we should be able to open them. But the bat-trees in the flashy thing are tired, so Mommy said we will open our Secret Paws once they're recharged. Maybe if I go give them the evil cat eye stare they will recharge faster? I'm gonna go check. Hurry up bat-trees so we can open our Secret Paws!!!