Wednesday, August 31, 2005

We got new toys! Mommy came home from outside grinning and had a bag of toys and treats for me and Boni and Mini. She got us feather toys and pounce and she got me a Catnip Scratchy Thingy It smelled so good I rolled on it and chewed on it and even crawled under it! Mommy laughed at that cuz she said my behind was sticking out. I think she was just playin with me tho.

Monday, August 29, 2005

It's sooooo nice to have Mommy home. :) Mommy played with me today. We played peekaboo with me behind the door under the furniture and her on the other side of the door. It was fun! I was so happy to be able to play with her that I didn't even stick out my claws. I just batted at her peekaboo hand with claws in.

Saturday, August 27, 2005



She gots home on thursday night but Grandma and Mommy both had puters in pieces so I couldn't blog! I'm so glad Mommy's home :) :) Mini and Boni are too! And Grandma!!!

I wanted to lets yall know but now I'm gonna go back and sit on Mommy's feet. :) :)

Monday, August 22, 2005

Only 4 days til Mommy comes home! Well, 4 days including day she drives. She should get there some time that day. Least that's what Grandma told us.

So we sent Mommy an e-card, me and Boni and Mini :) Here's what we said:

We are counting the days -- only 4 counting your driving day -- till you are home!! We are soooo glad you have decided to come home and keep us company during the day when Grandma Cat is away. It is so boring around here -- without you!!!!
S, M and B

I hope Mommy likes her e-card :) I can't wait til she gets home. I'm all groomed pretty and waitin!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Cats are Smart!

I knew that, of course, cuz I am one. But did you know you can learn Buddhism with a cat?!?! Dharma the Cat! Dharma is a cool cat. Dharma teaches the human about Buddhism. *giggles* Dharma is also mostly black -- a tuxedo cat like Boni and Mini!

By the way, I've decided I must not be a tuxedo cat cuz I have beautemous black paws. Well, I do have ONE white toe (you can see all my white in that picture cept my bib and you can see a lil of that too). I 'member when I first met Grandma when I was 'dopted. First thing she said was "She's black!" :) Grandma and Mommy'd had a special elder cat named Chloe who was black, so Grandma was happy bout that. She didn't say, "She's a tuxedo cat!" tho. So I guess I'm a black cat with white bits. That's cool. I'm beautemous.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Mommy said bad things on the phone today. I think Mommy must not like boxes. That's what it sounded like anyways. I wonder why she doesn't like boxes? They're fun to jump in and do teethie work on. Maybe she doesn't have a box big enough for her to curl up in or somethin. Or maybe her box got all wet. Or maybe somebody jumps in on top of her when she's in her box. Ewwwwwww I hate when that happens.
Mia n ghost said to dream bout Mommy coming home. That sounded like a good idea! So I took lots of naps today. Course Mini kept waking me up cuz she's like that. Gotta tell her to take more naps too. Boni's good at taking lots of naps.

Even tho Mini is weird she said she's say prayers with me and Boni for Timmy's Gramma and Mia n ghosts Gramma. Oh and Timmy's Mommy's hand he put the bite on too hard. Oops!

I've done that. I always feel real bad bout it too when I do that. But when I gets real scared I bite. Just gotta when I'm real scared. Grandma said I should just holler real loud instead. But I forget and bites anyway. Oops. I'll try to remember.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I talked to Mommy on the phone...

Grandma holds the phone for me so I can hear Mommy talk and I meow back to her. It used to skeer me cuz I could hear Mommy's voice but I couldn't smell her. But Grandma 'splained it to me so now it's not skeery no more.

... and she said she'll be home in a week from tomorrow. I'm not sure just how long that is but I think it's way tooooooooo long. I'm gonna go collect all my rattly mice so we can play. They're kinda all over and I may have to steal some back from Mini. So maybe it's good a week is a long time. Mini don't like to share.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Mommy is coming home!!! For good!!! Yay!!! No more cold New York. I think she missed me. I missed her lots, even tho I love Grandma too.

I'll even share my rattly mice with her! I've missed having my Mommy around every day. She even chases Mini off when Mini is being mean. I think Mini will be glad to have Mommy home too, anyways. And prolly Boni will too. I'll have to get myself groomed all pretty for when Mommy gets home. Grandma says it'll be on the 25th and that's a few days. I should be able to make myself really beautemous for Mommy in a few days!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I'm worried about Grandma. I think her nose is broke. She let the man that makes stinkies in and he made the kitchen stinky this time!!! The food room stinks and not in a good way! The really bad part is I heard her say he was comin back wednesday to finish. The food room smells so icky. I can't believe he's not finished makin it smell bad yet! Blech! I wonder when wednesday is. I hope it's a long ways off so I can find a good hiding place before then.
Grandma let that painter man make bad smells in the bathroom. Ewwwwwwwwww! That paint stuff stinks! I wanted to go see what that man was doing in there and find out just what painting stuff is. It smelled so bad I couldn't even go IN the upstairs bathroom. My nose wrinkled all up and if I'd got opposable thumbs I woulda held my nose! I had to run back downstairs real fast and hide in Grandma's closet to get away from the bad smells.

Painting must be eating bad things that make you make stinky smells. Grandma said something bout the walls tho. I hope that man didn't make it so the walls up there will always stink. That would be icky. That man did go away tho after he told Grandma he was done with that painting the walls all smelly. Maybe Grandma chased him off with the squirt bottle.

Friday, August 12, 2005

I found a new source for rattly mice! I've got to make sure Mommy knows about this! These guys even have TWO kinds of rattly mice. Furry rainbow ones and leather ones. I've never had a leather one. I think I'll meow all pouty-like and look pitiful. Then maybe Mommy will get me some leather rattly mice. You think it will work???

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Well, the door got opened when Grandma Cat went to work. But the stuff didn't try to run out. Maybe cuz I was lookin?

I found out somethin else tho. Grandma moved Mini and Boni's litterbox! I guess Grandma got tired of Mini makin nasty smells. (Mini's kinda bad that way. ) I didn't wanna USE their box, but I had to see where it went cuz I'm the Queen Bee Kitty, yanno. I found it upstairs! I wonder why it's up there. Maybe Grandma was reeeeeeeeeallllllllllllllll tired of the smells.
Something's going on here. Grandma has been moving stuff all over the place! Just when a cat thinks she knows where everything is, some human goes and moves it. I'm pretty sure that the stuff from that black file cabinet doesn't really belong in front of the door. Maybe it's trying to run out the door? I'll watch next time someone opens the door and see. Maybe I can even chase it out. That might be fun.

Grandma did a nice thing tho. She cleared off the shelves in the office room for me! Now I can lounge on any shelf I want without getting yelled at for knocking stuff off. Wasn't that sweet of Grandma?

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Grandma has a thing for penguins. I didn't know what a penguin was, so I hadta get Mommy to show me a picture. This is a penguin.

Now they're ok I guess. But they're BIRDS! Everybody knows that cats are cuter than birds. Don't they? I mean, lookie at this picture of Boni. Even Boni is cuter than those birds!

But Grandma is going to see some movie about penguins birds. They should make a movie about me for her to see. I mean, I'm even cuter than Boni and she's cuter than birds!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Dang it, all the folks with opposable thumbs have been too busy to take dictation for me. Oh well. At least they're not ignoring me to play with the outdoor cats. I'd have to poop on the rug for that.